Generasi Gigih Intermediate Class Reflection — Week 2

Now, it’s time for another week of reflection. There's a change in this week's reflection format, where now I use past, present, and future formats according to the mentor’s instructions in the Generasi Gigih. So a little overview of the lessons I learned in the last week.

The first session talked about what is REST API and HTTP Method. Representational State Transfer (REST) is a software architectural style used for creating Web services. Where REST routing consists of two parts, the object, and the verb. Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is a verb(action) applied in REST API, with a lot of methods such as GET, PUT, POST, DELETE, etc. In the implementation, we use Sinatra Ruby to create a simple CRUD restaurant system.

In the second session, we begin to explore the database, and MySQL is chosen database for the implementation. Start with the basics of database concept, an Entity is a basic object that can be anything, such as a person, place, or object. If the entity is created, then we can move on to the entity-relationship. Because it's common for two entities to be directly related to each other. The entity relationship diagram (ERD) is the final product that we produce in this session.

Last session in module 2, still learning about MySQL. But in this session talked more about data manipulation language (DML). DML is a command which supports the user to interact with their database, such as insert, delete and modify data. Not only that, there are still many materials such as SQL Joins, data types, and constraints that are obtained in this session.

Let's start the reflection, with the past, present, and future format, where The Past is trying to remembering the learning material. The Present is my current situation learning the material and The Future is talked more about the usage of new knowledge in future work.

The Past

This is not my first time learning about database, I’ve tried various databases such as MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and MySQL. So I’m kinda familiar with this material, but this is my first time using MySQL in Ruby ​​environment. Especially Sinatra framework that I just found out about after joining this program. but this is a great opportunity for me to trying relearning this material. Because relearning is an important step in the learning process.

The Present

In this session 2. To be honest, the assignment and homework are not as hard as in the first session. Maybe it’s because I already learn a lot about database in my college year. But for me, this material is still an interesting topic to learned. maybe the enthusiasm from my peers is a key factor in this learning process. Overall I like this kind of learning process.

The Future

I believe that my knowledge of the database material still can be improved in the future because there still a lot to learn in this field. And I think with regular implementation in my future work, my skills can be improved quickly.